Live Young: Why Your Internal Workout Is More Important Than You Think


I’ve been interested in the latest research done by scientists who want to discover how to slow the ageing process down. What they have discovered is that we all age at different rates. One of the ways in which they calculate what they call “ageing scores” is by testing how well the organs are functioning. Those with the highest score have the best organ function and are the least likely to die.

qi gong-00339This demonstrates how important our organs are. We notice ageing of our skin but we never think about our internal organs until something goes wrong. Shaolin Qigong is the only exercise I know that stretches and exercises the internal organs. Kung Fu doesn’t do this, yoga doesn’t do this, and meditation doesn’t do this. Aerobic exercise does use the heart but what about the kidneys, liver, gall bladder etc?


Keeping our body strong internally is one of the keys to keeping our mind strong and living well into old age. It’s optimal to keep up a regular practice of at least three times a week. And finish with the Instant Health Massage. The Instant Health Massage is a way of sustaining the energy from our Qigong and clearing any blockages from the body.

As we progress, we move onto massaging with the metal brush. The vibration from this brush is so deep that it cleanses the very marrow of our bones. Red blood cells are produced by bone marrow. It is believed that using the metal brush, cleanses the marrow and this creates new blood cells so that even our blood doesn’t age.

I am in awe of the wisdom passed down from our Shaolin Ancestors. Their desire for a long life was so they could have more time to attain enlightenment. Their motivation was pure. They wanted nothing more than to help all beings find peace in their life. Each time we practice Shaolin Qigong, we connect with their wisdom and  enter the path of peace and longevity.

You can learn Shaolin Qigong and the Instant Health Massage from Shifu Yan Lei via his bestselling book (about to go into its 4th reprint) Instant Health: The Shaolin Qigong Workout For Longevity – also available on Amazon as a kindle.

 And via his DVDs and downloads: The Way Of Qigong Volume 1, 2, and 3

6 thoughts on “Live Young: Why Your Internal Workout Is More Important Than You Think

  1. Is there a Qigong DVD that teach the Metal Brush Message in Shifu Yan Lei Qi gong serie “The Way Of Qigong Volume 1, 2, and 3”?


  2. I have been practising Qi Gong for many years, the last 6 years in Shaolin Warrior Qi Gong the longevity benefits are apparent and the training a beneficial discipline Start as soon as you can and keep going!


  3. Mindig is érdekelt a Shaolin kung fu írànyzat . Csak mikor 16 évesen mikor belefogtam a harcművészet tanulásàba a Wing Chun volt. A Wing Chun egy déli apàca kung fu íranyzat. Közben ez mellet érdekelt meg a Tai Chi , Karate is. Olvasgattam is róla videók stb. Igaz nem járok kung fu iskolába már. A Wing Chun 2003-2007 ig volt nagyon kevés. A Shaolin alapokat és Qigong gyakorlom. Ismerik pár chi kung formát. Könyvből is, Wing Chun mesteremtől Tóth Zoltán sifu Most calisthenics , Qigongt , alap shaolint csinálok otthon.


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