How To Make Your Body Become Its Own Doctor

Sitting Qigong

“Bodhidharma travelled to the East to teach these two Yi Jin and Xi Sui classics. A bird like the crane is able to live long, an animal like the fox can be immortal, a human who cannot learn from these classics is worse than the birds and animals.”

The Mind and Body of a Buddha

Ee Jin Jing makes your muscles and tendons strong, flexible, fast and powerful while building up the health of your internal organs. Xi means wash and Sui means bone marrow.  Xi Sui means clean your bone marrow. The aim of Xi Sui Gong is to detoxify your body and cleanse the unhealthy aspects of your mind. The highest aim is to help you reach enlightenment and give you the mind and body of a Buddha. But even if you can’t gain enlightenment in this lifetime (or you don’t want to), the least this Qigong can do is give you a long, healthy, and peaceful life.

Connecting With Your True Nature 

It is vitally important that you use your heart to train, not just your body. You can train as regularly as you like but if your heart isn’t present then you will never get the true benefit. Your true nature can only be found in the here and now. Qigong plants you in the present moment. It does not give you anything new; it simply connects you with your body’s internal power and automatic wisdom that already exists within you.

Sitting Qigong

The Power of Concentration

The more you concentrate, the more benefit you gain from Qigong. Every movement of Xi Sui Jing is done from a sitting position. This sitting position helps you to develop patience. When you begin to go through the movements, your mind will be busy at first. This is natural. But as you focus on the breath and the movement together this will calm your mind and you will feel peaceful. This calming of the mind cleanses the mind. With a clean mind, your mind and body work in harmony. Once your mind and body are working in harmony, your body can self-regulate itself; unblocking your channels and preventing disease from building up in your body.

Your body is Your Own Doctor

This is why at the Shaolin Temple, we say that our body is our own doctor. Shaolin Qigong gives us access to the medicine. But this all happens unconsciously. Your body will start to feel better of its own accord without you having to intervene in any way. This has led many people to shun conventional medicine in favor of Qigong or other alternative medicines but I believe we should use the best of both worlds. If a person is suffering from an illness I recommend that they combine Western medicine with Qigong so that it’s not an alternative approach but a complimentary approach blending the best of two worlds.

Sitting Qigong

The Challenge

There’s a famous story in China about a Zen master who was famous for his meditation and a Shaolin martial artist who was famous for his martial arts. One day the Shaolin master challenged the Zen master, as he believed his skill was much better than that of the Zen master. The Zen master chose a narrow ledge at the edge of a high mountain; one wrong step and the person would fall to their death. Because they were both unskilled in archery they decided it would be fair if they challenged themselves in this way. The Shaolin master went first, he stood at the edge of the mountain but when he placed the arrow into the bow he couldn’t stop himself from looking down and he became scared at the thought of plunging to his death. This fear meant that he failed to hit the target. The Zen master took the bow and arrow, stood at the edge of the mountain, and hit the target perfectly. The Shaolin master was amazed and asked him what his secret was so that he could improve his skill. The Zen master said, “No thinking. No reason. Just do.”

No thinking. No reason. Just do.

This is exactly what you must apply to our practice. EE Jin Jing makes your body like stone. Xi Sui Jing turns your body into a Buddha. But you need to practice and find this out for yourself.

Massage Brush

Bone Marrow Cleansing Massage

As you advance in your Qigong you will advance in your self-massage by moving from the bamboo brush to the metal brush. This heavier brush creates vibrations in your bones and helps to cleanse them so even though you are still doing the Instant Health massage it is having a much more powerful effect. This is where the name “Bone Marrow Cleansing” comes from.

As you age, not only do your bones and muscles shrink unless you exercise to prevent them but also your blood cells produced by your bone marrow slow down. This is because your marrow becomes dirty. Through using the metal brush you cleanse the marrow and stop this reversal. Once I was in my thirties, I started to do this massage alongside my Iron Shirt. I’ve found it to be incredibly powerful and have seen a similar result with my private students who do this massage.


Chocolate Cake

I can describe to you what a piece of chocolate cake tastes like but unless you eat it you won’t experience it. This article is just a menu, you need to experience these two Qigong’s through practice and gain the benefits for yourself. Break it down to ten minutes five times a week, and within a month you will feel and see a noticeable difference. Comment below to let me know how you get on and share your experiences with other students on my Facebook page that I’ve set up for Shaolin Warrior students training around the world with my teaching.

Qigong 2

Xi Sui Jing is taught on Qigong Volume 2 (DVD and download) 

EE Jin Sui Gong is taught on Qigong Volume 3 (DVD and download)

The bamboo self-massage brush and metal brush is available from (5th & 7th one down)

11 thoughts on “How To Make Your Body Become Its Own Doctor

  1. i want to know shaolin kung fu and i love it but i don’t have a fund for training in China but i know you know this game so i wish one day you training me to know shaolin. am in Tanzania country in africa

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am in my 50’s, and sInce I have started doing these Qi Gongs about 4 years ago, my health has improved dramatically. My endurance is much better. My body is stronger, so I can put more into my training, or into my daily life. In the past before I started Qi Gong if I didn’t get enough sleep I would be useless the next day, but now I may be tired but still very alert with mental clarity.
    Thank You Shifu.


  3. Hello Tony,
    I am 54 years old and train martial arts since the age off 15. Right know I dont compete anymore but I try to be in as good shape as I can, Teaching a group of adults every week so I have to be in shape.
    True Internet I got confused about my own training, I never have trained with weights before Internet, just doiing the normal push-ups, sit-ups etc.
    But on Internet you can find everyday dozens off workouts. Most off them with heavy weights like deadlifte, squats and bench. I have tried a lott off these routines but its not for me. After a few weeks I get a injury or soemthing like that or I train to hard with weights that I dont have the energy left to train my martial arts.
    What I did when I was younger was, start with a run, used that as a warming up and then do my martial arts training. (I dont train kung fu but Jeet Kune Do by the way, but I like the way Shaolin Monks train).
    But when I said that on these forums they called me crazy to run before a workout.
    Since I read almost all the articles from Sify Yan Lei I know that its not that crazy.
    So I want to train like that again. I have seen Sifu doiing some running then some strenght exercises and when he train for his upperbody after that he does some punching and after squats etc. he does some kicking.
    Off course I want to get a little bit stronger and I have seen a routine off Sify wereby he did some side hanging with a broomstick on his shoulder for 25 times orso then he had a weighted disk and turn it around his head, then push-ups etc. Seems like a good workout without. But I was wondering if he does just one set? Maybay you do know or maybay do you have examples how he does his workout?
    It seems that he never uses weights so I like that.
    Last question, I know he had a book about qigong. Do you know that book and can you learn from that? And has it other information in it about his training?
    I know he has some dvd’s but I dont like to do following a dvd. And most off the time I train outside so I dont have a room to put a dvd screen.
    I just have a pull-up bar, dip station and off course a heavy bag to kick and punch.

    Hope you have some more information because I want to completly change my way off training and go back to train the way I did when I was younger but just wanted to add some strength in it to.

    Sorry for my bad Englisch by the way, I am from The Netherlands. Take care. Wim


      1. Thanks I have these books. And they are great but I see some examples and they are very short.
        I have seen videos from you wereby you start with a run and then do some strengthtraining for the upper body, then shadowboxing, training squats then kick etc.
        Would be great if there was a complete workout programm


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